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"South Valley Engineering prides itself in providing competent
and professional engineering services with excellence and integrity, and doing so at very competitive rates.  Our commitment to our customers is to ensure that the design and engineering of your building helps to streamline the planning, permitting and construction of your project, all at  an affordable cost."

Have a specific question about your pole building?
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during regular business hours (PST) to speak directly with a licensed engineer about your project free of charge!

Who is South Valley Engineering?
Located in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Western Oregon, South Valley Engineering is a company that provides design and engineering services for small to mid-size residential and commercial building projects for both owners and contractors at very affordable rates.

What Do We Engineer?
While we do a variety of engineering and design of all types of wood buildings (remodels, decks, carports, patio covers and stud frame construction), our real specialty is providing engineered plans and calculations for wood post frame buildings, commonly known as pole buildings, or pole barns. Pole buildings are constructed for a wide variety of uses including, but not limited to, barns, arenas, shops, garages, hay storage-even airplane hangers.

Pole Building vs. a Stud Frame Building?
Pole building construction is a relatively less expensive, cost-effective alternative to conventional construction. Why? In addition to the lower cost in materials, it takes significantly less time and money to prepare the worksite and construct the building. In a conventionally build project, a strip foundation must be excavated, concrete forms built, and concrete poured and set under all the exterior walls all before construction of the walls and roof can even be started. With a pole building the postholes usually get excavated and set in 2-3 days, then the rest of the building goes up very quickly. An experienced crew can often get the roof and walls of a standard pole building completed inside of a week.

What Do We Provide?
South Valley Engineering provides structural plans and calculations typically required by most permitting agencies for pole buildings and residential buildings that don’t fall under the prescriptive residential code. This does not include engineering information for trusses (if used), as those must be provided by the truss manufacturer.

In addition, we can provide preliminary pole building information free of charge! This includes post-sizing, embedment, structural members, and other material information that will help you estimate the material cost for your pole building.

Who Do We Serve?
Our customers are typically pole barn contractors and homeowners, but we also serve suppliers of pole building materials and kits.

We currently provide engineering services in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Texas, with more states to be added in the near future.

Why Trust South Valley Engineering?
The engineering staff at South Valley Engineering has nearly 20 years of engineering experience, with more than half of that specifically dedicated to wood post frame design and engineering.

Having engineered over a thousand post frame buildings has given us the ability to serve every customer with speed and efficiency for typical pole buildings, and to bring together experience and ingenuity for the “less-standard”, pole building designs.

What Can You Expect From Us?
We believe that good business means 'to serve your customers and take good care of them’. In other words, to serve and meet or exceed all of our obligations to our customers with excellence and integrity-and do it at a reasonable price. I’m sure you’ve heard that many times, from many companies, in many industries. But the difference is that we actually do it!

How do I get started?
Every job requires the submission of the Pole Building Engineering Order Form included on this page. This order form can be faxed to us or attached as a PDF in an e-mail. Give us a call or fill out the Pole Building Engineering Order Form to fax and let's get started on your project!

Have a specific question about your pole building?
Call (503) 302-7020 during regular business hours (PST) to speak directly with a licensed engineer about your project free of charge!

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